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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cornhole

“Cornhole, or Corn Toss, is a game in which players take turns pitching small bags filled with corn (or sand or beans) at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. A corn bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point. Play continues until a player reaches the score of 21. The platforms measure 4’x2′ and are generally made of wood, although plastic can be a suitable replacement. The bags are generally 6×6″, made with duck cloth, and filled with dry feed corn. Follow our Cornhole how-to below. read more

How Do You Play Cornhole and what are the common Cornhole Rules?

“The rules for the game of Cornhole have been modified and alterated, over time, and there have been many adaptations of the game based on location. No matter where or how you play it, the rules are simple, easy-to-follow and provide the foundation for a consistent, entertaining game to take place, no matter the crowd. read more

How do you install cornhole wraps?

“AJJ Cornhole’s Cornhole Wraps extend 24”x48”, fit to apply to our plain or painted wood cornhole boards. This tutorial will show you how to install decals or vinyl cornhole wraps on a set of cornhole boards. Before you begin applying vinyl wrap, make sure your cornhole boards are unboxed and set in a clean working space. Make sure the surface of your AJJ Cornhole Boards or DIY cornhole boards are free of any dirt and debris. read more

Has my order shipped yet?

“To view status of your order, please have your Order ID and email address ready before proceeding to next page VIEW ORDER STATUS

How can I track my order shipment?

“Please have your tracking number ready prior to moving to the next pageVIEW TRACKING STATUS

How do I become a Cornhole dealer?

“AJJCornhole is currently seeking new resellers. We are looking for retailers with Brick and Mortar store fronts as well as established internet retailers looking to expand similar product lines.Become a dealer

What are “licensed” cornhole sets?

“Licensed cornhole sets are game sets that we sell with other companies or franchises on them, such as NCAA football. All copyrighted games have to be licensed before selling, and a royalty from each sale goes to the copyright holder. shop licensed sets

What are “specialty” cornhole sets?

“Specialty cornhole sets are a type of stock cornhole set category that AJJ Cornhole sells. These stock designs are vinyl imprinted and include many themes, from military to holidays and more. shop specialty cornhole

What are cornhole bags made from?

“Cornhole bags are made from duck cloth canvas and are filled with feed corn.

How much does a cornhole bag weigh?

“The feed corn sets the bag weight at 16oz, which is the regulation weight for cornhole.

What are your operating hours?

“We are open Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm EST. Visit contact page

What is your email?

“You can contact us at support@ajjshops.comVisit contact page

What is your phone number?

“You can call us at 1-888-504-7112Visit contact page

What is your turnaround time for a cornhole set?

We normally ship stock sets in approximately 2-10 business days and custom sets, after being approved, in 5-15 business days. These times are subject to change at any given time. We adhere to strict policies in order to meet deadlines but our shipping schedule does fluctuate throughout the season. If you have any questions about our current schedule, please contact us and we will let you know a more precise time window.

Where can I leave a review?

“You can leave a review on our facebook (, google, ( or trustpilot page (

Where do you guys ship?

“We normally ship to the continental United States but have shipped sets around the world. If you are not in the continental US and are concerned about shipping, please reach out to us so we can figure out the best solution.

Where are your boards made?

Our cornhole boards are manufactured overseas, however all the finishing, painting, designing and custom applications are done in our factory in Cincinnati, OH.

Where can I pickup my order?

Orders can be picked up at 10073 Commerce Park Drive Cincinnati, OH 45246. Please verify that your order is ready for pickup by calling us at 1-888-504-7112.

How Do I Care for My Cornhole Set?

Cornhole boards are made of wood and are not intended to be left outside in inclement weather. Regular exposure to rain, snow, and other natural elements can ruin your boards.